Imagine Nashville aims to engage every corner of Davidson County’s 526 square miles to identify shared values and create a vision for Nashville based on those values. This will be a yearlong project divided into phases:


Digging Deep: The first step is to dig deeper into the issues on Nashvillians’ minds. What’s working? What’s not? What are the shared values that cut across traditional geographic, socioeconomic, ethnic and age differences? What do people feel should be the top priorities around which a vision for our future should be anchored? A major part of this is an in-depth community survey where we’re asking thousands of Nashvillians to weigh in.


Working Together: The next step is to roll up our sleeves and share ideas for taking action. How will we advance our shared values and priorities? This phase will include many different gatherings, events, and initiatives over the course of several months. Ultimately, the idea is to identify and organize the very best ideas in a concrete, specific, actionable plan with transparency and accountability for results.

Embedded in both phases is a very intentional effort to engage not just adults but also young people. After all, they are the torch bearers of our future. This includes a special collaboration with the Civic Design Center and their Nashville Youth Design Team.

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